Pipe collar flashing at the roof

It is that time of year to review the roof for wear and tear from the harshness of the winter. Neoprene (rubber-like) collars around pipe penetrations over time will deteriorate which will allow precipitation to enter into the void space around the pipe. This condition can allow water to enter the attic or the finished space. Oftentimes, attic insulation will be stained and wet and the surrounding wood sheathing will have water staining and depending on how chronic the condition had been, wood rot at the sheathing or potential water damage to finished ceilings. How to rectify the problem? Replacement of the flashing is recommended. A qualified roofing contractor can remove the nearby roof covering material to access the flashing for replacement. The life expectancy of pipe collar flashing are about 15 years or so while most asphalt roofs last about 20-25 years. Most common small roof repairs should cost between $150 and $400 with labor being around $45 to $75 an hour.