List Your Home with Confidence 

More home owners are choosing to have their homes inspected before putting them up for sale. Pre-listing inspections are becoming more popular, especially in today’s market as it makes the selling process more streamlined for all parties.


Reserve an inspection on your own time.

Describing the condition of flue backdrafting to the current home owner.

Describing the condition of flue backdrafting to the current home owner.


What is a pre-listing Inspection?

A pre-listing inspection is the equivalent of a buyers inspection, with the difference in that the client is the person selling the home, not the person buying it. This is a wise way for sellers to learn what may be found at their home when their buyers have an inspection performed. By having a pre-listing inspection, it gives the seller the opportunity to take their time in getting issues corrected or repaired before putting their house on the market. If there are items that the seller decides not to fix, they might list those items on a disclosure form so that any potential buyer is aware of the condition.

Sellers may choose to make the inspection report available for potential buyers, or they may keep it private. If the seller chooses to make the inspection report a public document, this can make the home a more attractive property for potential buyers by giving them better peace of mind about a property before even writing an offer on it. In addition, having a pre-listing inspection can make the negotiation process easier for all parties involved. A pre-listing inspection is the best way to confidently put your home on the market.


“It happened to me…..

If you are the seller…you are full of pride about your house, your little abode that you have lived and loved. But as the seller, you now must expose your little abode to the dreaded “house inspection” process. You look things over…. All looks good and you think “whatever they find, heck I’ll just fix it and we are good”. But sometimes…..that isn’t how it goes.

And it is no small gut punch to read one of these reports that shows in red that you’ve been a poor steward of your little abode.

The report I received from Welcome Home House Inspection [as the seller] was a serious review of everything … nuts to bolts…. And I realized several things – after I took a deep breath and gathered my better senses.

First, I wished I had found them.

Second, I wished I had hired them to do a pre-sale inspection. Why? Because their inspection was comprehensive, clear and personable. I did not necessarily feel indicted that my home systems were not squeaky clean and perfect in every way possible. But rather, their commentary gave me reason and content about why and how to make corrections….and that was valuable.

Third, they saw the big and small picture and if I had had the report (before the sales process started), I could have checked off the smaller things making sure those were attended to and then had ample time and attention to address the bigger issues … those that needed professionals. But waiting to address those kinds of things against a closing date makes for more stress than necessary.

I have to say that both Heath and Becky took many of my calls asking their help to get more information or to answer my questions and at no time did they make me feel that they could not accommodate me even though I was not their client. They are true professionals.

If I ever buy or sell a home again….they are the go-to team for a bombproof inspection.

And they are a pleasure to work with….” -J.T.


Reduce stress, have an inspection to address it ahead of time