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Heath Papinchak, MPH, PhD, CPI
Heath has been a professional in public health and safety for over a decade. Her devotion to the health and well being of individuals in their home is reflected in a Master’s in Public Health (MPH), Doctorate in Environmental Health (PhD), and Certification as a Professional Inspector (CPI). Heath integrates building science, and a holistic knowledge of home systems to provide a service of best effort, care, and quality. One of the reasons why she became a home inspector was to inform and empower individuals to live safer and healthier lives within their environment, and the home is one of the most important places to invest that attention and energy.

​Becky Bickford, BS
Becky’s college education in environmental science has enabled her to be meticulous in observational ability and communication skills. Through her experiences in roofing, electrical, plumbing, and general home renovations, she has developed an understanding of the fundamental systems of the home.  Becky became interested in home inspections as a way to care for individuals and families who could benefit from an honest consumer advocate when buying a home.  Becky performs home inspections for all clients as she would for her own grandmother- with utmost care.